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Tune into the wisdom of the heart.

Hi-Fi is a 12-week course created by Hurry Slowly host Jocelyn K. Glei that invites you to reconnect with your body, open your heart, and bring your intuition online.

We are at a spiritual crossroads — faced with the choice to stay small-minded or open our hearts.

The global situation is unprecedented, uncertain, and upsetting. The knee-jerk response is to succumb to anxiety and fear, retreating even further into the “small self.” To shut down and shelter your heart in place. But what if there’s another option?

I believe we can use this as a cathartic moment of self-examination — journeying within to better understand our selves, our values, and our gifts. So that we can emerge from this crisis with new clarity — connected to the intuition of the heart and the higher self.

Hi-Fi is a community-focused course for spiritual seekers.

Reconnect to your higher self in community. While this is the perfect moment to look inward, we don’t need to do it alone. We all need inspiration and support right now. My goal with Hi-Fi is to bring together a vibrant community of open-hearted people who are dedicated to deepening their connection to themselves and their creative intuition.

An interactive 12-week journey into the heart space. For three months, we will move through a series of talks, Q&As, meditations, and rituals that are designed to help you come back into your body, access the wisdom of the heart, and turn up the volume on your intuition. At the end, you will have a new set of allies and a deeper sense of self.

But wait, how did you make this course so quickly?

Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, I had been envisioning a new course about becoming more embodied and tapping into our creative intuition. Like everyone, I hit pause as the pandemic began unfolding. But it quickly became apparent to me that the material I wanted to share was becoming more — not less — relevant in the midst of this challenging global situation.

I believe that we need to cultivate tools to connect to our bodies and our inner wisdom now more than ever. So I decided to accelerate the creation of the Hi-Fi course to offer a supportive space for learning, community, and solace as soon as possible. I’m excited for us all to take a deep dive into being open-hearted and connecting with our highest selves together.

Hi-Fi is a 12-week, community-driven course that invites you to tune into your higher self through a series of online talks, Q&As, rituals, journal exercises, and energy meditations.



Six video talks from Jocelyn form the core material of the Hi-Fi course. A new talk will be released every other week, accompanied by a “tune-in ritual,” a journal prompt, and recommended reading.

1. Contemplative Journaling

Engage in regular conversation with yourself to deepen your consciouness and creativity.

2. Embodied Ritual

Awaken your body with simple, sacred daily rituals to calm the mind and stay centered.

3. Tender Discipline

Cultivate an internal dialogue and a “productivity mindset” that supports gentle flow.

4. Body Talk

Open a daily dialog with your energetic body to soothe anxiety and increase self-awareness.

5. Space as Sanctuary

Craft a workspace that provides sanctuary and support.

6. Living in Integrity

Clarify your core values so that you can live & work in integrity.

Tune-In Rituals

Each video talk is accompanied by an “tune-in ritual” that’s designed to help you begin practicing and embodying the material presented.

Journal Prompts

Journaling will be an integral part of the course, and each talk will come with a related journal prompt to guide you deeper into self-awareness.

Recommended Reading

Throughout the course, I will recommend key texts that have profoundly altered my worldview and helped me open to the wisdom of the heart.


A rich range of community activities — including live Q&As, small group gatherings, and energy meditations — will offer emotional support as you move through the course and deepen the work.

Live Q&As

I will host a 60-minute, live Q&A twice a month to bring the community together and discuss how to integrate the course material and tailor it to individual situations.

Journey Groups

Each course participant will be paired with a small group of fellow students — with whom they will meet regularly to share notes on their progress, swap ideas, and offer mutual support.

Discussion Forum

Participants will have free rein to share their work, pick each other’s brains, offer encouragement, and get inspired in the student forum, where I’ll be posting regular interactive prompts.

Energy Meditations

Once a month, I will host a guided energy meditation to offer therapeutic support and help students align energetically with the concepts being shared in the course.

The Hi-Fi course is currently closed.

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Hi, I’m Jocelyn. Host of the Hurry Slowly podcast, teacher of the RESET course, and the creator of Hi-Fi.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve created one of the world’s top creative conferences, a bestselling book series, and a podcast with almost 2 million downloads. And yet none of those achievements have felt quite as fulfilling as I had anticipated.

In fact, I have never felt quite as good as I did way back when I was a tiny little human who wasn’t really trying to accomplish anything. When I knew exactly how to answer the question: “Who are you without the doing?

Over the past six years, I’ve gone on a journey to re-learn how to answer that question. One in which I worked with a variety of wonderful healers, went on extended retreat, moved out of the city, quit drinking, became a reiki practitioner, etc — all in service of peeling back the layers of anxiety and fear built up from years of overwork, creative misalignment, and self-criticism.

What lives underneath that anxiety is remarkable: A deep inner knowing and creative intuition that I hadn’t felt in years. Hi-Fi is a collection of field notes, practices, and ideas about how to reconnect with that magical place — the wisdom of the heart that is always with you.

Why I’m a trustworthy guide:

Almost 1,000 students have gone through my previous course, RESET, which I launched in early 2019. Many of them told me they found the course quite healing — that it gave them the tools, and the permission, to work in a calmer, more sustainable way. Here are a few of the kind things students said about RESET:

This course is a gift. Literally, life-changing.

—Nicole Christie—

Communications Manager

“This course is the most humanistic method for professional development that I have ever experienced. It brought me energy and calm by reminding me of how much power we already possess.”

—Jesse Colby—

Art Director

“In the wake of taking the course, I feel a greater sense of spaciousness and permission to make room for what matters to me.

—Lucy Bellwood—

Graphic Artist

This is one of the most well-organized, practical and uplifting experiences you can give yourself. 

—Jesikah Maria Ross—

Media Artist

What the course offers:

Over 12-weeks, I’ll guide you through bimonthly video lessons, live Q&As, tune-in rituals, journal prompts & more.

→ Video lessons (twice a month)

→ Tune-in rituals (twice a month)

→ Live Q&As (twice a month)

→ Energy meditations (once a month)

→ Journal prompts & reading list

→ Small group gatherings

→ Student forum


Join me on a journey to reconnect with the wisdom of the heart.

The Hi-Fi course is currently closed.

To be notified when it will re-open, please enter your email.


How did you make this course so quickly? I had the idea for this course prior to the Covid-19 crisis, but the material seems particularly relevant right now. So, order to launch Hi-Fi as quickly as possible, I accelerated my schedule for releasing it.

How long does the course take? This is a 12-week course. As different from my other course RESET, which you can easily take at your own pace, Hi-Fi is designed to be moved through as a group. It’s explicitly about coming together to learn and support each other as a community for 3 months.

What if I can’t attend a live Q&A? If the live Q&A time I schedule doesn’t end up working for you, don’t worry. You’ll be able to post your questions in advance so I can answer them live, and I’ll email you a link to the replay afterwards.

How long do I have access to the course? You will have access to all the course materials for at least a year. If you fall behind or just miss something there will be plenty of time to return to it later. And any course components that are timed or “live” will be available for replay later.